How does alcohol affect your body?

Alcohol affect

We are in dates full of celebrations of all kinds. During Christmas we usually go out more and attend more parties, which usually results in an increase in food consumption and, above all, alcohol. We know that we must control ourselves, but do we really know how this substance affects our body?

This last day of the year, here in Xombit, we will tell you some of the most important effects that alcohol causes in your body. In this way, you may think twice before you have a drink tonight.

The liver, the most affected

This organ is undoubtedly the most seriously affected by excessive consumption of alcohol. Diseases such as cirrhosis or hepatitis are well known to most people, but there are many others. Inflammations, fibrosis and fatty liver are not so well known examples.

In addition, the typical nausea, vomiting and headaches are just signs of the hard metabolic work that our liver has to perform after “bathing” it in alcohol. So, respect it.

The brain, inhibited

A large amount of this substance may even inhibit what we know as executive functions. These are made by the frontal structures of our brain, and are of vital importance. By not being able to act, we tend to perform dangerous activities and our attention falls. This is the responsible process that, as they say, “everything gives us equal”.

In addition, our motor capacities are also diminished, and our reaction rate decreases a lot. This is why taking the car having drunk is practically synonymous with accident.

As we told you some time ago, alcohol also prevents the memories from being fixed, which translates into large gaps the next morning.

The heart, another injured

The main effects of alcohol on our heart are an acceleration of the pulse and in general an increase in cardiac activity. These changes can lead to disorders such as arrhythmias or cardiomyopathies.

In addition, it can produce a sensation of tiredness, motivated by the reduction of the level of sugars in blood, which can lead to dizziness and even fainting.

Therefore, and considering that these are just some of the effects, be careful and moderate the consumption of alcohol during these dates. In this way, there will be nothing to regret at the end of the night.

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