Twitter is considered to allow the editing of tweets in 2017


2016 has been a tough year for Twitter, a social network that has seen how the interest of its users declined. The company tried to fix it by inserting some changes such as the possibility to publish longer tweets, something highly demanded by the users, or the recent function that allows to broadcast live video in 360 degrees, also available already in Periscope.

However, 2016 was the year Twitter was about to be sold to companies like Google, or Disney. This interest on the part of big companies caused a rise of up to 21% of the values ​​of Twitter in the stock market, but later they fell again when the companies previously quoted left the negotiation for the purchase of the social network of microblogging.

Not to think too much about the obstacles encountered in 2016, Twitter has already put to work on the improvements you can apply to the social network for next year. It seems that at last users can finally enjoy one of the most requested tools: editing tweets. In fact, everything indicates that the company is working to enable this function in 2017.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, was confirmed. Dorsey has used the social network to ask users what aspects they want the social network to improve or add in 2017. The answers have not been waiting and said tweet in question already has more than 6,300 comments.

A large part of all these answers centered on a clear desire, the possibility of editing tweets. Dorsey is aware that this is one of the most necessary functions in the social network and stated in a comment that the social network is already working on this option. “One form of editing is definitely needed,” said the company’s CEO. In addition, he announced that this feature will be available to all users.

It seems that Twitter is already thinking about the best way to add the edition of tweets in the next year without this affecting the operation of the social network. Do you think editing would be a good idea?

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